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Home of the fun, not stuffy,
Personal and Professional Development!
Serving clients since 1979
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We add love to everything we do
and leave people and places better
than we found them.
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Cath DeStefano, CEO, Author, Artist,
Fun Speaker, Facilitator and Workshop Leader
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Series of 7 TuneUps about Life
Customer Care!
Series of 7 TuneUps about Customers
  • Onsites
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  • Dialogues
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* Enjoyed your TuneUp! Keep up the terrific work! * Best session I’ve had. * My life needed this.
The Company Store
Whatever it is we do in the course of our day,
whether at work, at home, alone or on a team….when
we are tuned up, we do it better.
Mindfulness & Stress Relief
Keynote TuneUp with Cath
Interactive. Reflective. Fun, not stuffy.
You bring your curiosity and willingness to engage.

Cath adds her spark, sense of fun, expertise and years of bringing out the best in people.
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 Human TuneUp Company 1979-2017