Find these approaches and more inside: How to restore your patience * 3 Help-each-other experiments * Ways to increase positive word-of-mouth * Had enough of The Public? 5 approaches that help * Suggestions to calm the angry * 4 Ways bosses can communicate they care * Adding heart to your service.

Use Cath’s tools and techniques to bring your “best self” to customer care and employee relationships.
Taking good care of your customers? It can be tricky. But throughout Vital Signs! for Customer Care, inspiration meets practical approaches. You need both.

Beginning with setting the right tone up-front, moving next to employees’ essential people skills and ending with the ripple effect of service, this book gives you the guidance you need to create a well-rounded culture of service right where you are.

It’s an easy-to-read, quick-reference handbook to keep by your side and refer to when your attitude dips, your customers get on your last nerve, you need a fresh approach or team cooperation could use a tune-up.

It asks and helps you answer this essential question, “What’s it like to be our customer?” It helps you specialize and succeed in attracting and retaining customers.

“May this book be of genuine help and inspiration to you as you work in service to others.” - Cath
Autographed by Cath
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