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Customer Care TuneUp Kit
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This TuneUp Kit includes staff-meeting activities, a desk aid to keep service reminders a glance away and coworker-appreciation-cards to keep great service front and center.

Itís an investment that aligns people in providing service that amazes customers, inside and out.
Serving customers is a great opportunity to bring your best self forward. May these Vital Signs be of genuine help in keeping alive your spirit of service! Set this on your desk and be inspired daily to treat your customers well.
Throughout Vital Signs! for Customer Care book, inspiration meets practical approaches. You need both.†

Find these and more inside: How to restore your patience * 3 Help-each-other experiments * Ways to increase positive word-of-mouth * Had enough of The Public? 5 approaches that help * Suggestions to calm the angry * 4 ways bosses can communicate they care.
Employees, in general, appreciate being appreciated. Use these cards to keep that spirit alive and well where you work! There is someone who would welcome a kind word from you.
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