Our fun folk art gatherings to paint custom canvases with messages that support company and community values.
Employees are refreshed and re-skilled in the art of customer care and internal workplace relationships.

Companywide workshops, bi-annual refresher programs including Customer Service TuneUp Kit.
Reputation: High quality, entertaining, professional services and resources.

Satisfied customers include associations, global corporations, healthcare, education, and government.
Operations: Charlie DeStefano; Advisors: Lisa M. Piatek, Betty Heidrich, Julia Dotson,Victoria Whiles and Kathy McMillen
Enlighten - Inspire - Develop
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We accomplish our mission by helping you improve your relationship with your customers, co-workers and yourself by igniting the spirit of appreciation throughout your company.
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What we have done for others, we would gladly do for you,
Greeting Cards, Vital Signs Books, flipbooks, framed prints, appreciation products, imprinted apparel and books to inspire self-care and the art of living with gratitude.
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Cath DeStefano
CEO Speaker Author Artist
Personal TuneUp workshops for women at club gatherings, special get togethers and events planned for stress reduction, attitude adjustment or just plain fun.
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Developing humans since 1979
San Diego, California
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