Customer Care TuneUps and Dialogues can include: How to read 4 types of customers, circle-of-service, ways to increase positive word-of-mouth, how to engage employees, defuse anger and more.
Operations: Charlie DeStefano; Advisors: Lisa M. Piatek, Betty Heidrich, Julia Dotson,Victoria Whiles and Kathy McMillen
Enlighten - Inspire - Develop
By enlightening and inspiring workshops, speeches, dialogues and products we help develop healthy relationships with your customers, coworkers yourself and our world.
What we have done for others, we would gladly do for you.
Human memory and motivation being what they are, these tools and resources help wanted changes start and stick.

Customer Care! TuneUp Kit
Life! TuneUp Kit
2 Vital Signs! Books
4 FlipBooks
On 6 continents and in 49 states, we are proud of our reputation.

Clients describe our work as: dynamic, engaging, warm, human, professional, spirited,
and readily usable. Fun, not stuffy.
Founded in 1979, our clients include global and small businesses, associations, education, healthcare and government agencies.

Love is added to everything
we do.
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Customer Care! Series of 7 TuneUps
A Dialogue about Customers
Life! Series of 7 TuneUps
A Dialogue about Life
Life TuneUps and Dialogues can include: Slow-the-zoom experiment, acts of power, do I like my life?, help each other and more.

Schedule companywide TuneUps, Dialogues, and bi-annual refreshers. Include TuneUp Kits for each perticipant.
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All CathArt is created with the intention to connect the hearts of humans with each other.

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