May these Vital Signs be of genuine help in keeping alive your spirit of
Service. Sit it on your desk and be
inspired daily to treat your customers well!
Small enough to sit on your desk.
Large enough to change your world
For personal use plus as a fresh, clever and useful gift for friends, customers and coworkers.

When you want to:

     • Keep the best ideas a glance away
     • Develop employees and yourself
     • Appreciate life 
May these Vital Signs be friendly reminders to help you appreciate life while it’s happening. Maybe we come back. Maybe we don’t. More reason to enjoy now!
May these Vital Signs support you on your path of healthier choices, loose pants and comfort in your body. You can do this!
May these Vital Signs help you pause when you need to, get your perspective back when you lose it, and lighten up when you are much too serious. Here’s to less stress!
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Vital Signs! for Stress Relief
Vital Signs! for Customer Care
Vital Signs! for Life
Vital Signs! for Healthy Weight
 Add your CEO personal message and your company logo to our flipbooks. They make nice, classy, fun, helpful, memorable gifts.
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Small enough to sit on a desk. Large enough to change worlds.
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