So much so, that when I drive by this hotel, and it’s on my way to nearly everywhere, dead bugs is what I recall.

Would I stay there again? Nope.

Emotional memory? You want your customers to have positive ones, in great numbers. So that when you ask your customers:

“Would you do business with us again?” their answer is yes!

Even a resounding yes.

May you enjoy all the benefits of your customers having positive emotional memories of keep alive the spirit of customer service.
Dead Bugs in the Headboard
The power of emotional memory in customer service can make an impact on future business.

On the night before my wedding, there were dead bugs in the headboard in the hotel room where I stayed. Not big enough to be gross and not worth calling the front desk over,but there they were.

Tiny little bugs, drawn in by the light and now dead. Leaving in their wake an emotional memory of my stay there.
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