• Teachers really make lives happen.
• Teachers give us wings.
• We are the ripple effect.
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On custom-drawn canvases, paint and magical crayons (add water and voila!) are used to bring the messages alive with color.
It’s a great way to unify your staff with this team effort to build relationships and help others.
All is water soluble for easier than easy cleanup.
 2 hours.
 As few as 50.
The location is determined by the client.
• Use in Silent Auction Fundraisers.
Create an oasis of pure fun and calming in your conference program. Great for a Corporate Social Responsibility project!
Host a Fest to link your business with doing good in your community.
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• Complete at your conference and then auction canvasses and donate money where you wish.
• Keep for yourself.
• Gift to the people of a nonprofit of your choosing to help inspire them to keep going in their mission.
• Treat everybody like somebody.
• Listen. Really listen.
• We’re here to help.
• Breathe.
• Live what’s Important.
• Keep it simple. We’re all busy.
• Love spoken here.
• Love blooms here.
• Connect heart to heart.
• We wish you well.
• Patience please. Healing going on.
• Take care we love you.
• Keep safety in mind.
• Look up. Look around. Be safe.
• Safety for each and all.
Contact Cath to request details and availability dates