Avoid Excessive Hold Time
Professional Human TuneUps by Cath
Iím your customer. Donít say ďyour call is important to usĒ and then make me wait 15 minutes. Yes, I can put you on speaker phone and go about my To Do list, but how very irritating that is.

EXPERIMENT: Simulate what itís like to be your customer on hold. In your next staff meeting, sit still and quiet for 30 seconds.

FIX IT: If it does take over 30 seconds, go back on line and let your customer know you are still working on solving the issue.

The delayed response. Iím your customer. Get back to me. Thatís all I ask. If you canít solve it right away, at least let me know you got my message and are working on it.

FIX IT: Make it your policy that you always return calls within one business day.

The ďIím in a rush-Iíve got too much to doĒ tone of voice. Iím your customer. It may be true that you are extremely busy, but the last thing I want is to feel like I am an imposition. The trick is to sound fresh and present for each call.

FIX IT: The number one stress management tool is (and always has been) the breath. Take a breath. It is just the pause you need to stop, tune in and start fresh with your next customer call.
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