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In this kit you will find essays and exercises focused on these seven very important aspects of life: reverence, acceptance, less stress, intuition, change, contentment and connection.

When you want a life you enjoy living, this kit will help you. It contains just the support, sparks and guides needed.
May the Vital Signs in this flipbook be just-what-you-need reminders to help you appreciate life while its happening.

Maybe we come back. Maybe we dont. More reason to enjoy now!
The Vital Signs! for Life book is described as a go-to staple, a resource with 14 exercises to help you clarify and develop.

The musings and suggestions will remind you that you are not alone, its healthy to question some assumptions you may hold about life, and its important to ask and answer this question periodically: Do I like my life?

By books end, you will feel like you have just visited with a wise and dear friend who has your best interests at heart.
The Year Round greeting cards compliment the concepts of Vital Signs for Life; allowing for sincere expressions and a personal touch to a friend, associate or family member.

Great addition that completes the kit presented here.
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