I am not sure how much more, but I am quite sure women in the workplace are still doing more than their fair share at home. What will ever change this?

Do you suppose men will all of sudden begin cooking and doing more laundry?

Do you think kids will have an awakening on their own and start sweeping and dusting?

Letís not wait for this.

ACTION: Instead, letís call a family meeting to spread around the responsibility.

This means:
1. Donít do it for them.
2. Donít do it over.
3. Donít remind them it needs doing.

Agree on the following:
Who ___________________
is going to do what ____________________
by when ___________________.

Be sure and teach them how to do what you are asking them to do and share your expectations on the quality involved.

Follow the plan.
Periodically talk about how everything is going.
Adjust as needed.

Want help?
Want something different to happen?
Want more time for yourself perhaps?
Then, divide tasks among yourself, your spouse and kids.

And breathe deeply and let it go when they donít do it like you would do it.
As long as the result is reasonably acceptable.

Youíre welcome.
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