It Not Nice To Choke Your Customer”, ya know!

Hello, I’m Ollie. I’m one of the characters in Cath's book – Its Not Nice To Choke Your Customer.

In the business world, we all have disgruntled customers. No exceptions.
How we react to them will determine our success or failure.
Being prepared for difficult situations and having good customer service skills can make a difference to your customer service team, to your customer and to you.

Remember – no customers – no paydays.

Using common sense, magic words, key questions and bottom lines, Cath shares her 28 years of speaking and training knowledge to improve the customer experience through her book – her keynote and TUNEUP workshops.

If you want to work with someone that will work with you, you’ll want to work with Cath Kachur DeStefano at

I'm glad you clicked on my picture to visit…to listen. See ya next time.

Ollie voiced by Charlie DeStefano
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