There is a pace in us we are most comfortable with, the one that seems the most natural. I think it is in our nature, in each of us, to be predominately fast-paced or slow-paced.

The trick is to be able to switch paces when needed.

For example, in business, fast-paced customers want you to serve them at their pace. Please do speed up a bit. This simple shift helps them feel more comfortable around you. You’re more like them.

The same thing goes for serving slower-paced customers. Slow down.

We have the following issues when different paces meet.

One person wants: “Move on it. Get it done!” The other wants: “Slow down. Let’s get this done right.”


Or when two different paces marry? She waits for him to hurry up. He wants her to slow down. It’s been 17 years now.

So in the end, we need to honor our natural pace but also have access to the range of paces. Problems occur if you are incapable of slowing down or speeding up as needed. Life asks that we use all the paces in their right time and place.

And for all of us, may I recommend the sloth pace now and then. Sloth: a mammal with a disinclination to action.

The sloth pace: that lovely pace of a slow wake-up on a weekend morning, resisting the siren call of the ever-present “to do” list. A morning that includes lolling-around, putzing through the day, spending time with the tortoise approach to life.

Use all your paces.
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