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In my e-mailings to over a thousand subscribers weekly, I always try to identify a weak link in the chain of personal thoughts, actions and consequences that can change a life and the lives of others for the better or for the worse. These are reprints of those TuneUps.
Personal Human TuneUps by Cath
I am not sure how much more, but I am quite sure women in the workplace are still doing more than their fair share at home. What will ever change this?

Do you suppose men will all of sudden begin cooking and doing more laundry?

Do you think kids will have an awakening on their own and start sweeping and dusting?

Let’s not wait for this.
Share the Load
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Once upon a time, there were two sisters who aroused the interest of a therapist. One sister was an alcoholic, while the other hardly touched liquor at all.

Curious as to the “causes” of this difference, the therapist interviewed the sisters separately.

To the alcoholic she said, “You’ve been an alcoholic for most of your adult life. Why do you suppose that is?”
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There is a pace in us we are most comfortable with, the one that seems the most natural. I think it is in our nature, in each of us, to be predominately fast-paced or slow-paced.

The trick is to be able to switch paces when needed.

For example, in business, fast-paced customers want you to serve them at their pace.
Pace Thyself