I was behind a woman in line at the grocery recently who wrote a check for her groceries. (Do people still do this? Apparently yes they do.)

It was another of those reoccurring tests of patience, but especially because she waited until the clerk was done tallying her total and then began the search for her checkbook in her purse……helloooooooo.

Have it ready. That’s all I’m asking.
I know it’s small, and quite inconsequential, in the big picture.
I get this.

But I’m just saying.
Make it a little smoother for all of us.
Especially those behind you in line.
Customer Training 101 - Make Things Smoother
In the interest of making customer service smoother for all,
I submit the following.

When any one of us is buying something, we owe it to each other to have our cash, debit or credit card ready to go when it’s time to pay. You in?
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