"Thanks to our sponsors, in the past four years, for helping to continue this simple idea of face to face thanks for serving! 1565 veterans have been gifted at VA La Jolla, Balboa and Camp Pendleton Medical Centers since 2013. Total posters: 4,695!
Hall of Thanks - Sponsors and Gifters
"I can only hope... our simple act of wishing them well touches the hearts of our veterans; that they know that someone they don't even know wishes them well."

May our good spread far and wide,
Vital Signs for Vets
1565 Veterans in Hospital gifted/sponsored
2013 - 2017
Thank You Sponsors
Vital Signs for Vets - A Tribute to our Armed Services
To all VA Medical Centers who welcome them, we hope to gift Help the Healing Posters to all who enter there; needing encouragment and more.
Hand to hand, face to face, heart to heart delivery to veterans in hospital.
Including an announcement with your name as the one who is making it possible, each receives a series of three Help the Healing posters for their walls and to take home with them.
Vital Signs posters to a veteran in hospital or recovery.
When I told him I put love in every Vital Sign, he said: “I can feel it already.”

As I was leaving his room another vet said: “Thanks for caring.”

Another said."It shouldn't be so important to be appreciated, but it is."

A TuneUp Service that touched Veterans
What It Was 2013-2017
A 3 Poster Set to Uplift and Encourage a Veteran
Started by individuals, welcoming business and service sponsors
 for Partnership Community Campaigns in 2019-2020.
Vital Signs for Vets - Help the Healing Poster Campaigns 2013 - 2017
Lou & Donna Long Knierim
Lynn Banis
Marilyn Todd
Mark Kachur
Mary Ingles
MaryAnn Scott
Nancy Petersen
Nancy Rhew
Natalie Lawbaugh
Pamela Thorsch
Pat Nemeth
Pauline Rippel
Peter Papineau
Rhonda Kinahan
Scooter & Joe McMoneagle
Sherley & Joe DeStefano
Sherley DeStefano
Stephen Vincent
Steven Obuch
Tamara Golden
Tiffany & Jose Garcia
Tobye Merrill
Toria Marie
Venetta Abbott
Wendy Williams
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List of Sponsors
Thank You one and all
This insert with sponsor name and city was included in each gifted sleeve
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