Onsite Budgets
1. To fulfill a commitment for community service by giving back as a team.

2. Its great fun so people link you long term with having fun.

3. Brings people together.

4. It helps fellow humans with reminders of what works.

5. Its a way to say thank you.

6. Adds love to the world.

7. Lasts for years and years on walls and in hearts.

8. Be known for doing good.
Is determined by how many people painting. Each kit of 3 canvases is for 9 painters.
Three custom drawn 25 x 25 stretch framed CathArt canvases, a coloring guide, magic crayons, paint brushes, water cups, paper towels and markers for touchups. $500/kit (plus shipping when needed.)
One facilitator per 54 people makes for the most successful event. Coordinating the event, set up & take down. $2000 + travel expenses.
to wear for the event that includes sponsor's logo, date and title of event. Prices range from $12 to $18 per depending on quantity.
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