HeArt Fest Kits
1. Itís great fun so people think of you and your organization long term with having fun, giving back and doing good.
2. Brings people together; a good team-building experience.
3. Itís a way to say thank you and show appreciation.
4. Adds love to the world.
5. Lasts for years on walls and in hearts.
Is determined by how many people coloring. Each mural kit is for 6-8 people.
One to three murals, scented magic markers, mailing tube, a coloring guide and wall-safe tape for hanging.
Hosting a HeArt Fest... You in?
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If you are involved with a group of people who like to do good for others, this is for you. In all the years I've been speaking and training, I encourage humans to appreciate each other. I was inspired to create HeArt Fest to do just that. You're participation would add to the momentum we began years ago.

Community organizations, service groups, retirement communities and a variety of smaller groups like to gather and share an experience to help or encourage others. This is a tool to express how grateful we are to teachers and men and women in uniform. Soon, first responders, police personnel and fire fighter murals will be available.
HeArt Fest Murals were created with one theme in mind - Appreciation.
Vital Signs for Life Keynote with Cath, mural creator.