Taking good care of your customers? It can be tricky. But throughout Vital Signs! for Customer Care, inspiration meets practical approaches. You need both.

Beginning with setting the right tone up-front, moving next to employees’ essential people skills and ending with the ripple effect of service, this book gives you the guidance you need to create a well-rounded culture of service right where you are.
This desktop aid reinforces the messages in my dialogues, workshops and book.

Meant to keep the best ideas of customer care just a glance away. Serves as a great employee gift imprinted with company logo and a message from your CEO.
Praise works wonders.

Send a card to employees/coworkers who would welcome a note of thanks or a kind word of appreciation from you.
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Vital Signs! for Customer Care by Cath
Vital Signs Desktop FlipBook
Employee Appreciation Cards
This Tool Kit reinforces the essentails of good old fashioned 'human to human helping each other' service.

Meant to assist you with your company's inside and outside customers and solidify your reputation for amazing service.
Customer Care Tool Kit
Get All Three Support Tools in One Kit
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$18/10 pack
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