“Find guidance, observations, inspiration and suggestions with these essays and more.”
Vital Signs! for Life is described as a “go-to staple,” a resource for a quick inspiration-and-guidance pause during any part of your day.
Cath’s musings and suggestions will remind you that you are not alone, it’s healthy to question some assumptions you may hold about life, and it’s important to ask and answer this question periodically: “Do I like my life?”

She suggests you need not “plan and goal life to death,” and she encourages you not to wait for someone else to make your life interesting. Life – live it up!

By book’s end, you will feel like you have just visited with a wise and dear friend who has your best interests at heart.
My friend, Cath DeStefano, shared her Vital Signs! for Life playbook with me when she wrote it. And since then, it has become a 'go-to' staple next to my bed.

A way to end a busy day with a meaningful reflection, with inspiration, with a renewed commitment to live my life more fully and intentionally.

The two-page essays are whimsical and thought-provoking. The style is light-hearted and yet it speaks to the heart. It’s simple and yet the reflection it triggers is complex.
Autographed by Cath
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