I was there to have training materials made for my upcoming customer service workshops.

There was only one employee at the copy center and he was helping a customer mail a very large very bulky box. I could tell it was going to take too long.
Willingness to Serve
Two times in one week recently I was at my local business supply store. And I say two times in one week because both times I witnessed the same thing.

P.S. Eventually someone helpful showed up. Good!
With no acknowledgement, not even a nod, and without one sign of picking up his pace, he meandered over to the other side of the store.

My point is? Willingness. We customers can feel it.

You donít have to fall all over us with enthusiasm. That might be a bit much.
But please give us a sign you are there to serve.
When another employee wandered into the area, I asked if he might find someone else to help the three of us in line.
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