Everyday Love
CathArt of Months
The calendar was well received this year and sold out by January 4th.
Thanks to all for your purchases, your support and for sharing the love in 2021.
A reprint of the calendar can be special ordered of 100 or more. Contact me by email
This 26th edition of the Vital Signs Calendar is an inspiration
to love more, heart to heart.

With hopes of being more loving by year’s end
and inspiring more feet-on-the-ground love,
I present my Everyday Love calendar for 2021.

Let us choose love. Open to love. Know love.
Align. Be. Grow love.
Show. Spread. Act with love.
Radiate love.
Give free-to-be love.
Love one another.

Goodbye 2020 (Oh yes.) Hellooooo 2021,
26th Edition
In my family, I have long been the every-occasion sign maker. My magic markers and paper noted birthdays, weddings, graduations, and any special occasion that came along.

This love of making signs turned into my first Vital Signs Calendar in 1995.

That year, I couldn’t afford printing, so I copied and hand-colored each one!

Thanks to my 6th grade teacher, who insisted on good penmanship, and my characters and folk art, which emerged from my doodling, I have continued creating calendars every year for 25 years.

I am fortunate to have grown a following of “calendar people,” who look forward to each year’s new drawings and positive messages. In fact, there are two women who, for years, look ahead for the fun quirky holidays we add and will go out together to "Hug a Tree" or "Lend a Hand." Others enjoy the art and feel the love.

Considering all that has happened in 2020 (whew), I wanted to create something to help. Since I consider love the most powerful force in the universe, I created 12 months of it.

I’m thankful to each of you who joins in spreading love throughout 2021 and beyond.
The Story Behind 26 years of Vital Signs Calendars by Cath
"....in the first few years, I hand colored the calendars."
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