With satisfied customers on 6 continents and in 49 states, Cath wins consistent praise for her audience-involving style that makes her messages stick.

In front of over 2100 audiences, Cath weaves in great stories, presents proven business practices, teaches, inspires, and nudges fellow humans along. To serve. To communicate. To stress less. To work well together. To live what’s important.

People speak of her work in glowing terms with adjectives like upbeat, enthusiastic, thought-provoking, down-to-earth, entertaining and smart.
• “Cath was able to work miracles with a very conservative, stressed out group.” Financial Officers Association
Women in Sales / Travel Agent Services Association / National Association of Catering Executives / Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association / American Women’s Society of CPAs / California Association of Temporary Services / San Diego Association of Directors of Volunteers / Silicon Valley Catalyst Association / San Diego County Apartment Association / Seattle King County Dental Society / Council of Water Utilities / Women’s Council of Real Estate / Society for the Advancement of Management / San Diego Insurance Women / California Women in Government / National Charity League / National Association Of Eve Owners / National Credit Union Managers Association / Association of Fundraising Professionals / New Jersey Cemetery Association
• “I expected to hear a slick, generalized, packaged presentation. What I got was a warm, human, funny but very professional talk. I felt like a friend was helping me change my life.” Mitsubishi
• “You have a great style of presenting. Your artistic touch was different but very nice. It helped to get the information across. It is clear that you have a passion for this subject.” University of California San Diego
• “The Human TuneUp is the best program we have ever provided for our people. They are still talking about it.” Nestle
• “Cath is very dynamic and extremely engaging. Her energy and use of humor makes the difference in what the audience is able to take with them and actually use.” Hewlett Packard
• “Thank you for your spirited delivery of information! We appreciated the new ideas about working with others, team work, and finding better solutions for life.” Healthy San Diego
• “Cath is one of the most creative presenters in this business. It’s well worth your time to listen to her ideas.” Ken Blanchard
• "Your program was everything I hoped for and more. The expressions of thanks are still coming in from our staff. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves." San Diego HHSA
• “I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation. On the following Monday, we received your book, (Vital Signs! for Customer Care) complete with your artwork which is also entertaining and wonderful.

I appreciate the fact that even though you are a highly educated, classy woman, you still can be so "down-to-earth," and that is refreshing. Community College District
Health Care
Amazon / Nestle / Viasat / Nokia / Intuit / Penhall / Safeway / Marriott / Teledyne / Kawasaki / Genentech / Shell Energy / Office Depot / American Express / American Suzuki / Apple Computer / General Dynamics / San Diego Zoo / Mitsubishi Motor Sales / Mitsubishi Electronics / Harvey’s Casino / San Diego Press Club / Sempra Utilities / Deep Sea Power and Light / San Diego Gas and Electric / Pacific Gas & Electric / Central Power and Light / National Steel and Shipbuilding / Amylin Pharmaceuticals
Cal Poly / Head Start / Ricks College / CareerTrack Seminars / University of California San Diego / San Diego City Schools / Western Montana College / San Francisco State / Downey Adult School / Regional Training Center / Juan De Anza High School / Elk Grove Unified School District
City of San Diego Personnel / Water Utilities Department / Municipal Water District of Orange / San Diego County HHSA / Riverside County Social Services / Santa Clara County Social Services / Yuma Chamber of Commerce / County of Santa Barbara / Los Angeles County / Monterey County / City of Poway / City of Santa Clara / City of Simi Valley / City of San Marcos / Social Security / Office of Thrift Supervision / State Comp Insurance Fund / Internal Revenue Service / National Park Service / US Forest Service / US Postal Service / US Department of State
Blue Cross / Moffett Hospital / Desert Hospital / Sharp Healthcare / Moffett Hospital / Baxter Health Care / Dooley Eye Center / Scripps Memorial Hospital / North East Health Clinic / Scott & White Health Care / Garfield Medical Center / Good Samaritan Hospital / Logan Heights Health Center / Pharmacy Corporation of America / San Diego Community Mental Health
• “Cathy illustrated points in a most interesting & fun manner. Really good stuff!! We are a tough group & she really did a great job. The best!” Cal State University
Early on, I was fortunate to meet Ken Blanchard, author of the One Minute Manager. Here we are at the1984 ASTD Regional Conference.

I’ve admired his spirit and his work since our first connection.

He continues to do a lot of good in our world and continues to influence my life and work.
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