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“I can’t do that……….”

Is talking to customers like this still going on?!?
Yes it is. Oy.
 “Ooooooh yoo hooooo, customers…..” - Cath
I’m just saying.

Some days I think what we really need in America is Customer Training 101.

This would be part of the lesson plan:
I'm Just Saying
Willingness to Serve
Two times in one week recently I was at my local business supply store.

And I say two times in one week because both times I witnessed the same thing. Un-willingness.
Dead Bugs in the Headboard
The power of emotional memory in customer service can make an impact on future business.

On the night before my wedding, there were dead bugs in the headboard in the hotel room where I stayed.

Not big enough to be gross and not worth calling the front desk over, but there they were. Tiny little bugs, drawn in by the light and now dead.

Leaving in their wake an emotional memory of my stay there.
deadbugs_b.jpg justme_b.jpg
Does this bother you?

While I was very much still online, at the end of our chat, there was a loud noise in my ear as she dropped the phone loudly into the cradle.
In the interest of making customer service smoother for all, I submit the following.

When any one of us is buying something, we owe it to each other to have our cash, debit or credit card ready to go when it’s time to pay. You in?
willing_b.jpg smoother_b.jpg
Customer Training 101 - Smoother
I am not sure how much more, but I am quite sure women in the workplace are still doing more than their fair share at home. What will ever change this?

Do you suppose men will all of sudden begin cooking and doing more laundry?

Do you think kids will have an awakening on their own and start sweeping and dusting?

Let’s not wait for this.
Share the Load
share_the_loads.png perdrats.jpg
Once upon a time, there were two sisters who aroused the interest of a therapist. One sister was an alcoholic, while the other hardly touched liquor at all.

Curious as to the “causes” of this difference, the therapist interviewed the sisters separately.

To the alcoholic she said, “You’ve been an alcoholic for most of your adult life. Why do you suppose that is?”
This Is Your Life
There is a pace in us we are most comfortable with, the one that seems the most natural. I think it is in our nature, in each of us, to be predominately fast-paced or slow-paced.

The trick is to be able to switch paces when needed.

For example, in business, fast-paced customers want you to serve them at their pace.
Pace Thyself
Because my work helps companies deliver excellent service to their customers, I like to stay up-to-date about anything that might help that happen. Teamwork! So key.

When I saw this article about teams, I wanted to share this recent research on this question: What really makes a highly functioning team?
Smart Teams
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