Our human nature includes the desires to help and leave things better than we found them.
Do good with us and fulfill these two desires!
Thanks to our sponsors for gifting Vital Signs for Healing (a series of 3 posters) to each of 1565 military personnel in VA La Jolla, Balboa and Camp Pendleton Medical Centers.

• Total posters: 4,695!

Our simple act of wishing them well touched many hearts. Now they know that someone they don’t even know appreciates them and wishes them well.

Thanks to our sponsors for these acts of love!
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HumanTuneUp@ live.com
Have an idea for doing good? Contact Cath
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Appreciating others and spreading gratitude to others
• Finished mural art is gifted to a teacher or military personnel of your choosing to inspire them in their mission.
• A unique way to extend appreciation around workplaces, conferences and just about anywhere !
• A corporate or community club opportunity to share a fun exercise of coloring between the lines for the purpose of showing gratitude to local teachers and patients and staff at the VA.
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