Host a HeArt Fest
or invest in a Teambuilding exercise for your staff.

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Itís a great way to unify your staff or group with this team effort.
6 - 8 per mural.
The location is determined by you.
Host a Fest to link your business with doing good in your community.
Are you looking for an experience that brings people together, has a purpose, includes fun and results in doing good for the group and others?

We think you'll agree that our HeArt Fest Murals with their uplifting messages colored with scented magic markers and then sent on to our teachers and military fill this need to overflowing.

Create a space that sparks the child in all of us and allows for conversations about new ideas, topics of the day or just plain chit-chat.
Contact Cath to request more details
I've seen the magic of appreciating. It lights us up. It gives us fuel for carrying on. It's love, shared. Plus, it's a team-building exercise between the lines.
Kit 1T/$150 Add to Cart
All 3 Kits/$425 Add to Cart
Kit 3T/$150 Add to Cart
Kit 1 M/$150 Add to Cart
Kit 2 M/$150 Add to Cart
Kit 3 M/$150 Add to Cart
All 3 Kits/$425 Add to Cart
1.5 to 2 hours.
At your next conference, convention, spouse program, service club meeting, school spirit event or group gathering where 6-person-teams unite in doing good.
Everyone who colors are invited to sign their name and a note on the front of the mural.
Back into the mailing tube goes the mural or murals, then address a label, affix postage and send them off to the world's teachers or men and women in uniform of your choosing!
Each Kit arrives in a reuseable mailing tube containing the 3' x 6' paper mural, scented magic markers for 6-8 participants, wall-safe poster tape for hanging and an idea-coloring guide with suggestions to get you off on the right foot.
Create an oasis of pure fun and calming in your group, conference/spouse program, friend & family gatherings, annual reunion, senior activities project or special occasion.
Kit 2T/$150 Add to Cart
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